Cubase reliability

Thanks for that advice. I should have pointed out that it’s only happened now and then, but I’ll have a closer look at what’s going on if I encounter it again.

So, if ones project is at 122bpm. You have some MIDI tracks, and then you start recording; after recording, do you go into the pool and change the tempo of the audio files you just recorded to “122” ?

Assuming you are looking for a solution, would it be possible to create a step-by-step reproduction so others could do exactly what you are doing?

Or is this issue random?

I’m not sure how or why, but I suspect someone in here has made a mistake. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s sad or what, that so many respondents here are focused entirely on the one issue given as an example of many.
A couple of my gripes:

  1. Projects never quite remember their window locations and Alt+1 to get my default workspace has to be done thrice, for the project window and the 2 mix consoles I have open.
  2. Importing tracks from a project - the fader settings are randomly set by Cubase. I am working on a lot of old projects, the plugins of which are no longer installed, so I’m using my current setup by importing from recent projects. I’ve taken to adding the fader value to the track name.
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I can’t it’s published material that I don’t own, and I don’t have the time to like I said in my first post. It’s just one example of many issues that are similar which are very expensive problems.

Thanks for your contribution that’s amazingly helpful and I appreciate the thought and time that went into that.

In some people’s world software always works correctly. That is my complaint, is that it is not working as expected.

We all hear you.
I’d rather have efficiency and stability than yet another plugin or make-up revamp.
I have a fair amount of crashes on Cubase Pro 12, I don’t want the new vocal chain nor any plugin, I want CPU efficiency, rock stability and a big focus on UX.


I’m trialing 13 right now, but due to this issue I can’t justify the upgrade just for UX. It’s a great platform, but it must be professionally reliable or it’s all for nothing.

I can’t tell if you’re bringing up a specific problem for anyone to solve or just venting in public. As for CB 13, nobody here pitched you on buying it. Stay with the version you have or maybe look around for something more reliable for the processes you need. It’s kind of what we all do from time to time.

I’ve long lost count of all the features that were supposed to work in all the DAWs I’ve used. Ranting about it won’t change that.

We can all be allowed a little rant once in a while… especially when justified. :wink:
But yes you’re right too. :+1:
And hopefully this forum can really push Steinberg to listen to users and make improvements to the software we all love using.

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I was pretty clear in my op.

Well, now that’s cleared up, I have to say I thought you were helpful the first time, but now with this second post you have out done yourself. Thank you kind sir.

The kind of feedback I’ve given here as well as a few others if Steinberg are smart and value their bottom line will understand is actually very valuable for the long term survival and success of the company. You can’t make a professional DAW that doesn’t support you in professional circumstances because it is unreliable.


I get it. You’re angry. You’re grouchy. And you have a technical problem with Cubase. I think the technical problem should have been the focus of this thread, whereas it seemed that the anger and grouchiness were competing for prominence.

I get it. I get frustrated with my computer-software all the time. Sometimes I have an inspiration, start up a DAW and then spend the next hour trying to figure out why it’s not able to do what I was expecting. And by then, the thrill is gone.

But I will say this, it’s not the end of the world. Otherwise Alex Jones would be on here trying to sell us gold and supplements for our survival shelters.

So lighten up. World’s already dark enough as it is. :slight_smile:

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This Is my first post ,however I have been using Cubase for near 20 years on both macs and Pcs. Obviously as our versions change and our operating systems chageaong with drivers , there are always some clitches and one can accept that. my case I recently purchased a new lap top ,a macbook pro M3 Max with 128 GB memory . Unfortunately my other Mac would not run some of my programs . This came with Sonoma installed ,no choice. I use an Orion studio 24 Synergy core as van interface Thunderbolt 3 and have countless plugins. My issues with cubase 13 pro are sporadic unpredictable and usually result in losing hours of work and sometimes audio data . even though I save often. I not use midi a lot, mostly live audio @ 48KHz . I have found Tracks losing empo syk even with a locked Tempo track. Last night I had a crash full crash wherethe entire project , data and audio vanished. I did have a back up folder however i lost about 2 hours of live tracking. . I had already put about 25 hour into it. I’m not complaining ,I just want to know whats going on or what I’am doing to cause this. Is it the Mac ,the Cubase code, the ,interface, or me being dumb? In earlier versions of cubase on both mac and PC Cubase was usually as solid as a rock for me as I at one time built own PCs part for part. Now I have my tracks redone , however on opening the project even with input and output busses assigned and deemed active , the record button shows up in th mixer view channels but not on the the audi wave track view. tracks . I have tried, starting new projects , reseting preferences , all I can think of . I have never seen this one before , any Ideas ? Thanks in advance for any advice. Sonoma version is 14.31 .

Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been traveling. Yes, that is exactly what I do.

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