Cubase reliably crashing when opening another window.

Let’s say I’m working on a project and I want to check something on the internet. At the bottom bar (Windows 10), I click google chrome and open up a page. When I click back on Cubase, it’s completely unresponsive and must be terminated via task manager. What gives?

Hi and welcome,

Is it the same with any application? For the web-browser, I can imagine, there could be an issue with sharing the Audio Device. What Audio Device do you use? But if it’s the same even with File Explorer, then it’s something else.

I`ve also seen this in the past when Cubase and Windows are set to different sampling rates


Is your computer set to Background Services in the Advanced Tab in System Properties?

Ahh come on Background Services has never done anything other than reduce the performance of Cubase by a few percent.
One of the hard lived myths that still is around.
More likely an audio driver issue, I would try “Release driver when Application is in background” from the Studio Setup/VST Audio System .