Cubase remembering audio headphones setup

Due to the fact that cubase crashes when using mr816 and large projects, and I have to load the project a second time (the hardware integration is disabled after the crash), is there a way that the headphone options is saved?

I mean, I would like to have headphones 1 in the audio hardware setup ALWAYS assigned to the headphone out in the control room.
It keeps defaulting to 01+02 [CR].



I am contemplating Using a rme raydat and connect via adat my two mr816x. But as I use all 16 outs to go to an analog mixer, I would loose the headphones connections in the front pannel?

I’m not sure this will help, but if you end up working without the hardware integration, anyway, why not try uninstalling it? Then use the MR editor independently to set up defaults for the MR816. Just load it before starting Cubase.

The driver package installs both the extensions and the Editor at the same time. I’m not at my music machine at the moment, and I can’t remember whether you can choose advanced options to select only the editor. If you can’t find a way to do it through the install, try checking around to find where the Cubase extensions are installed and either rename or move them.

Uninstalling just MR Extension did the trick!

Thank you very much!