Cubase Remote Control

Dear Steinberg,

Imagine a laptop or a Surface Pro. Now imagine running “Cubase Remote” on it. This is a new program that doesn’t exist yet. Make it exist. :wink: When you open this program, it controls your home instance of Cubase.


1 - My USB Dongles stay home. I like this. A lot. A lot.
2 - I have 3 machines running my samples via VEP. Mobile isn’t getting 128+ RAM any time soon.
3 - All my projects are saved in one place. I don’t have project files on a laptop, on a desktop, in the cloud, in a lost USB flash drive.


Don’t remotely view the screen. Just create the Cubase UI as an app, which can remotely control Cubase from anywhere. A Midi controller and a single stream of the master output isn’t intense network traffic these days. And that’s all it would take.


No, it isn’t. It’s modern. It’s where things should have been going 5 years ago. Call me an innovator or a psychopath, but I’m confident these are good ideas. In designing my own DAW, features like this are what I found solved my biggest pains and complaints. I hope you guys listen. You have a great product, but it can be better.

Thank you,

An after-thought: this could even allow linux-based computers (tablets, Chromebook) to work with Cubase.