Cubase - remove VST from VSTi panel (not permanently)

Hi, Cubase13, I’ve added a VST and I don’t want to use it anymore (shut it off or remove from this project), but I just can’t find how to make it disappear from my active VSTs. I’ve tried to deactivate the outputs, delete the MIDI tracks, etc. Nothing worked for me.

Hi, Just click the arrow by its name and select ‘No VST Instrument’.

I have no such option

Please click the name of the VST Instrument on the VSTi panel to the right. This will give you the option to either remove the instrument (The “No VST Instrument” option mentioned by @SurrealistBunny) or to replace it with something else.

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Oh yes, sorry! :joy:

Oh my god, thanks so much. I’ve gone mad with this issue :slight_smile: