Cubase renamed my project


I have a project called the The Highground.cpr which I have been working on for a few sessions. Each session I go to File → Recent Project and select it from the list. No dramas.

I save along the way and all is fine.

Today I come in and use Recent projects to open it only for Cubase to tell me its not there. Look at the disk and the file is now called The Highground-01.cpr.

So I’ve not lost anything but this is really annoying. Not the first time I’ve seen this behaviour.

Any ideas.

I had the same thing happen recently, and got really frustrated because I thought I had lost a lot of work.

You might have accidentally hit shift when saving. Or… I don’t know. I was just glad to go to the directory and find the project-01 file there with all of what I thought I had losts.

I really wish the backups were stored in a separate backup directory within the project directory!!!
Would have realized what was happening so much faster that way.

But if I’d hit shift as well that would be a Save As … and I’d expect a dialog to pop up to ask me what to save it as? Or did I miss something :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I was as confused as you. And my blood pressure was through the roof for about 20 until I started going through the backups trying to find if there was something to recover. And… wait? what? -01? I didn’t make that did I? Did I see a popup the last time I saved? maybe… I was focused on switching projects and… maybe I did see a popup… maybe… is Cubase gaslighting me? Am I loosing my mind? Did anyone else hear how lost and helpless and upset I felt when all of that work seemed lost?

Maybe it was more dramatic for me. But know that you aren’t alone.

Oh it was certainly dramatic for me the first time it happened :slight_smile: … Thanks for the input … glad (in a way) it’s not just me :slight_smile:

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Hi. Maybe you realize this already, but… pressing Ctrl + Alt + S (windows keystrokes) performs a “Save new version”, which has exactly the behavior you are all describing. If you do it again – or pick it from the File menu accidentally if you use the mouse for saving, then the next version would be [your project name]-02, then -03 and so on. It’s actually pretty handy if you’re going into a big session and might wish to revert to a previous version after making a bunch of changes that seem good at the time, but you later hate. Another way to use it is to evolve your project, then suddenly remember that you sure would like to have that idea back that you scrapped a few versions ago. You can File > Import > Tracks from Project and retrieve that great idea from the track that you previously ditched.

Hmmm, I see now after testing that the original project is still there, which is why you can use it for an import. Really confusing that it deleted your original project. :thinking:

Cheers mate … appreciated because you confirmed what I get … as you say it keeps the original. It’s really odd. Not the end of the world but it does make me slightly nervous when a program starts playing with the file system in ways I didn’t ask it to :slight_smile: