Cubase repeat function for MIDI notes inside Key Editor

I’m wondering how to use the ‘repeat’ function properly in the Key Editor for repeating MIDI notes. I select all the notes that I want to repeat and then use the repeat function and it asks me for how many counts. No problems so far. But then how can I make the start point of those bunch of notes to be correctly aligned with the next bar?

When using the repeat function on a SECTION in the project area, it will repeat the section at the right point because that section is the correct length (e.g. 4 bars). But when in Key Editor I am selecting NOTES I want to repeat.

Thank you


The Repeat function always paste the repetition at the same place, where the very last (selected) node ends. So to start the repetition at the beginning of the bar, you have to extended your last note to end at this place.

… and (because I am guessing you don’t actually want that last note to be longer :wink: )…
Rather than extending the last note, insert a new note, pitched far enough away from your “real notes” (so that it will be easy to delete afterwards :wink: ) which finishes at the end of the bar, then perform your repeats, then Shift+double-click on the first of those “dummy” notes (to select just them), then hit Delete :wink:.

Brilliant - thank you both !!!

Nice workaround. You could also mute this “dummy” note immediately once you create it. Then you don’t have to take care about it, if it’s deleted or not. :wink: Then actually you can keep it in your project for the option to Repeat the part in the future again.

Nice workaround of the workaround, Martin :smiley: