Cubase repeatedly instantly closing down when trying to edit an audio file

Getting stupid now. All i want to do is cut delete some gap sin two audio files. Cubase is sluggish and then just disappears.
Is this a ploy to get me to buy Wavelab? Its a pretty crappy way to conduct a business if it is.
So i cant edit large wav files in Cubase? Thank god i have freeware programs that can handle this with ease. Gotta love spending £500 on something and have to use free programs to get the job done. This is 100% repeatable, so i can only assume its by design? ive just wasted an hour with this.
Obviously its my system and nothing to do with CB…again…
Cubase 64bit 2021.3.30 (936.7 KB)

If you just want vent, enjoy.

If you want to troubleshoot post back and tell the community what choice you selected in that dialog, and the result.

Yes, I was venting.
What do you mean what choice. I chose to start normally. Why wouldn’t I?
It’s a simple thing. Import a 48khz 24 bit audio file and try and cut some gaps out. No plugins were used. Just the plain file. After a while every thing is sluggish, and the poof, all gone.
The whole time I can see CB is struggling. I can’t add any inserts if I wanted to as they option is not there. The slots just dont respond. I can see a thin blue line flickering in the EQ section. The CPU meter is not moving much and I’ve increased the samples to 256.
With the same file I can open it in Audition and work happily with it.