Cubase Resale.


Im selling cubase to a friend. My cubase started out as an edu but i upgraded to 6.5 and now i have it at 7. So im totally allowed to resell.

My questions is this, when i delete the activation and give him the key what information does he need to activate the key? The cubase 6 license code? i upgraded to 7 within the grace period so got a free upgrade. if i delete my activation will he still have the 7 license available to him?


Why would you delete the activation? Just give him the software and the elicencer and change the email on the account to his.

Well this is what the resell wizard from steinberg suggests. So no point in changing the name to his then. just the email.

Hey thanks, but i know ive been trough the wizard and thats why im asking this question because it suggest deleting the activation on my account.

You do not delete the “activation”, you simply have to delete the USB-eLicenser registration from your MySteinberg account. As soon as the USB-eLicenser is not tied to any account, the buyer can register the USB-eLicenser and all the licenses it contains to his account. You need to sell him the installer DVD(s) and most importantly the USB-eLicenser with the Cubase license.

Ok cool. well the usb key will now have the 7 license right?

Yes, correct, technically speaking for the versions that require a hardware key, the license cannot be deleted from the key but only moved from one key to another, deletions are for the software keys only