Cubase rescanning libraries constantly

I have seen this problem being asked here many times and I even posted one question about it with no answer. I checked other threads and also nobody came up with a solution.

Cubase (10.5) is rescanning libraries, presets, directories (media bay) every time, every day. It drives me mad! Please help!!!

Problem solved by deleting the preferences

I have exactly the opposite , deleted preferences due to other issues, and now cubase keeps scanning presets and files in media bay but can’t find anything

My issue is similar with every time I go to search a preset in a plug-in it stalls Cubase for several minutes and I can’t do anything else and then it finds all the presets. It happens every time on every Cubase plug-in and even the same plug-in it has already found in the past on another project.

I have had this rescanning issue once.
using a file monitor and looking at hundreds of log pages , I found the scan started over at a specific folder.
In my case a file with a wrong extension was causing this issue. Can’t remember if it was a .flac or .mp4 that really was a txt file.

Of cause first make sure that only the relevant folders are selected for scanning. If on a PC and you simply select C: then the files generated and changed by the OS would trigger rescanning AFAIK.