Cubase reseted settings after the power went off

Recently in my house the power went off and after launching computer and cubase again, it scanned the VST plugins again and then, after it launched, all the settings (interface, audio devices), my scripts, my key commands, everything was NULLED. How can I recover all of these? I don’t want to spend time on setting up all of this

Maybe there’s somewhere a “backup” settings file?

If you are on a PC and also performing regular backups on your computer (like mom sez we should), then you could restore this Folder: Username>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg

This will restore your entire Steinberg universe to the way it was at the time of the backup (or you can drill down deeper to be more specific about what gets restored). And if you don’t perform regular OS level backups consider this a learning experience.

I had to do this same thing about 3 months ago after my PC failed.

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Yes, I backup the Steinberg folder every day because, unfortunately, this happens quite often.

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Thank you, guys.
So I need to back up always this folder “Username>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg”?

Yes preferably daily

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Yes but it would be included if you backup the Username Folder, or also the C: drive. So you shouldn’t need to backup the AppData>… Folder specifically as long as you are performing regular backups of your PC in general.

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