Cubase resets some plugin settings when I open a saved project.

Mostly it happens with NI plugins, as Kontakt, or Guitar rig. For example- the Kontakt instruments are loaded, but the libraries or presets are not. So I also opened a NI support ticket now. But I noticed that Izotope ozone 9s settings were also reseted.
The East West Opus plugins are working fine, without any problems. This issue happens not every time for me, but almost. and I can’t find the sequence of actions after which it happens. The same problem with all project autosaves.
It started when I moved to a new mac pro m1 and cubase 12. Can somebody help me with that? Very hard to work, when you need to upload every instrument every time you open a saved project. Thanks.

P.S. Sorry for my english, it’s not my native.