Cubase resets volume to full when switching windows

Hey guys,

I’ve got a problem with Cubase where every time I switch between Cubase and another application (either click on another window or Alt+Tab), Cubase resets the volume of my sound card to 100%. As you can imagine, I have hurt my ears several times forgetting about this before pressing play.

I am running Cubase 6 Artist on OSX Lion with the original Apogee Duet. Cubase is set to use the Duet where all other apps run through the on board sound.

I have done a bit of googling but not found anything helpful yet. Has anyone seen this problem before?


go to Devices -> Device Setup -> Apogee Duet -> Control Panel and untick the option “Set Device Attenuation to 0 dB”.

You are awesome, thank you so much! :smiley:

So simple and dumb. Why I didn’t figure it out before? Thanks! I was also having this problem.

Hello there,
I’m running Cubase 5.0.1 and having that same problem, however if i follow the directions

I dont seem to have an option to set my device attenuation. Perhaps this was an upgrade in Cubase 6.

What are my options here? as my ears are starting to hurt :frowning:

Thanks in advance

You need to program for the highest common denominator, whether it be the cubase metronome, mix buss or windows K mixer (or mac class driver).

thanks for your suggestion castas but im not really sure what you mean.

it seems that no matter how i set the volume in cubase, or my macs main volume control or the volume on the duet2, whenever i open the cubase window, the volume snaps back to full.

do you know where abouts in cubase 5.0.1 i can find the “Set Device Attenuation to 0 dB” box, so that i can untick it. or if there is some other similar function?

again, thanks

I should add also, that when i swapped back to my old Presonus Audiobox USB soundcard, the problem stopped. However I really dont want to be using the audiobox… :S

problem solved!

to anyone else having this problem, dont be as silly as me… download the 5.5.3 and the ASIO2 driver update.

Is this problem fixed? I use cubase 6.5 btw.