Cubase Ridiculous Issue with the Coloration [FEATURE REQUEST

When I work for few hours on the, my eyes are tired. So I tried to change the theme to something darker, but there was a ridiculous Issue with the coloration. See what I mean:

Step 1: Normal Cubase

Step 2: Dark Skin, White Black Keys, Dark White Keys

Step 3: Dark Skin, Dark All Keys:

So Is there a way to make the skin dark, white keys white and black keys black?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Someone on this guys? :unamused:


This, what you made red circle, is Black Note Grid Intensity. It’s not possible to make it darker. So unfortunately, it’s not possible to do this.

Turn the lights on. Or off.
I forgot Cubase hasn’t got a light switch. Terrible! :mrgreen:

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    We need separate color sliders for the grid in key / drum editor!
    (this inverse view is a little bit confusing, absolutely, but I’m getting used to it)

I see :frowning: Hope the guys from steinberg to hear us, and fix this confusing issue.

Nic Tom, is this really such a big problem for you?

95% I work with MIDI and It’s kind-a of unnatural and confusing, but guess I need to get used to it. :ugeek:

One thing to consider is the other lighting in your room. If overall your room is dark and the monitor is bright, your pupils are probably wide open and the bright monitor is straining your eyes.

Once I installed brighter lighting, my fatigue dropped dramatically. It gets worse the older you get too.