Cubase RME SPDIF problem

Hi, I´m trying to record an SPDIF signal coming from an Mbox2 Pro into Cubase through an RME Fireface UFX sound card. Despite routing everything accoding to the book I can only get a mono signal into Cubase. Please note that the signal show up as stereo in Totalmix but mono when I monitor the record channel in Cubase. Now when I try this in Pro Tools using exactly the same setup and routing, the stereo signal is there and records perfectly. I´m totally baffled by this. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any help is appreciated.


which Cubase version do you have exactly ?

Did you checked if your have setup the input correctly at the VST connections in Cubase ?
Did you checked if you have selected a Stereo Track for recording and the input of that channel ?



Hi, I tried this using both Cubase 5.5.3 and Cubase 6 Artist.

In VST connections, I setup inputs coming from AES 12 and AES 13. I’ve tried coming in from AES 10&11 but this does not seem to work.

I did check that my channel was stereo andthat it was routed to the correct input.


Only have a regular FF800 but two things interest me.
First, it should be more logical if your S/PDIF inputs would start with an odd number, you’re listing 12+13 or 10+11 but I’d try 11+12 or 13+14. Or this just might be something coming from the way you’ve named the channels.
If you have all available (relevant) inputs setup under VST connections in C5 and look at the input channels in the mixer you should be able to find out if there’s two channels of audio going in somewhere.

When you record, are you getting a mono audio clip or a stereo clip with audio only in the left or right channel?


Standard AES inputs in the UFX are 13+14. Or do you route the AES inputs to the ADAT2 ports…? But even then the AES Signal arrives at channel 13+14 in Totalmix.

Thanks, problem solved. The labeling of the outputs was counter-intuitive, so when I assigned AES13 and ADAT14 to Stereo IN L & R it worked… Thanks again. J