Cubase rocks

I’ve been Cubasing away as hard as I can for a few weeks … and it works! :sunglasses:

That’s all! :smiley:

Oh, one more thing.

Cubase rocks

So what you’re saying is, it rocks? :smiley:
I’m quite pleased with it too. Some very powerful tools in the program :sunglasses:

I don’t want to put words in your mouth … but reading between the lines … it almost seems you are implying that Cubase Rocks. :wink:

Not that it would surprise me. Wish I’d had it 30 years ago … I could have been a contender. :mrgreen:

Sorry to bring a bit of shade to the proceedings but the score setup in C6 is still woeful, not unusable but I won’t be quitting Sibelius any time soon :laughing:

Incidentally, Sib 7 is out and about. The sound library is improved but not a patch on Cubase quality. Swings and roundabouts, I guess :sunglasses:

Hey Phil,

If I understand you correctly, Sibelius stalls on Quit? :wink:

Damn thing just loops, I tried to turn it off in 2007 and it stil ain’t quit :open_mouth:

Your printer can not be happy about that! How many ink cartridges have you gone through so far? :sunglasses:

I buy ink by the vat (industrial sized), hope that answers your question :cry:

Groan! :laughing:

That monkey looks like he’s ‘choking a darkie’… :open_mouth: :wink: .

The file name was actually “constipated ape” if I recall correctly, how perceptive of you Mauri! :laughing:

And to show respect for the OP and his topic, yes, it really does Rock, and all those other genres too! :wink:

Some things are universal, my friend :slight_smile: . And yes, Cubase certainly rocks for me too!


Well I will have to agree. Rocks.( insert Beavis laugh)

Sometimes it teeters…

But mostly it rocks…