Cubase & Roland TR-8S Set Up


I am looking for help to trouble shoot a TR-8s set up with Cubase as I do not get any USB audio in.

This happened after I got a new Macbook with Mojave.
I use Cubase 8.5 with the TR8S as audio IN and the MX-1 for audio OUT as an aggregate device.
The TR-8S and MX-1 drivers and firmwares are up to date.
I can see and assign the TR-8S IN ports and the MX1 OUT ports.
The TR-8S is properly sync’ed to the Mac tempo.

I want to record the TR8S audio via USB into a Cubase audio track,
but when I set the audio tracks IN from the TR8S and click on Monitor On, there is no audio signal in.

Is there anywhere a Cubase set up, step by step check guide ?
Have I forgotten anything?
Is there a setting in the TR-8S for the audio USB out that I should check ?
Is there an issue with Mojave on the USB Audio out from the TR8S?

Thank you all for your help.

There ˋs an issue with Mojave in that you need to give approval IIRC. Plenty of threads on the forums.

Thank you Sven

Indeed there seems to be an issue with Mojave as I replicated the set up on another Mac with High Sierra and it worked.

Apologies for my ignorance, but could you point me to a thread on “IIRC approval” ?

Many thanks for your kind interest.


i think that is what I am talking about. If not maybe some Mac user can chime in.

Hello Sven,

thank you for the tip : indeed, the Mojave access to the Mic was the issue. it is now solved.

Thx !