Cubase ROXX! Is there such a thing as a positive rant?

Thank you, Cubase !!!

Started at around 10:00 today and now it’s about 15:00. Saved by Cubase!

We created a little riff some … months ago (oops!) and since then I’ve expanded the riff a little.
It’s turned into a total mess and a nightmare and I’ve never seen anything like it haha!
Idea’s in projects in folders and files all over the place. Don’t ask me how that happened.
It was twice as bad because I usually keep things neat and tidy on my hard drive so I didn’t know what to do.
I saw myself burning the midnight oil for a few weeks and starting to hate the whole thing.
I was on the verge of giving up but then decided to give it a final chance.

So … Today!

After stumbling over a Youtube video I indirectly got the spark back and the train in the tunnel looked like the light of day again and I got new energy to … just do it!
I used the tools in Cubase and created ONE new master project in ONE folder.
I used “import tracks from project” and the new export features and multiple marker tracks, and cycle markers which follows the cursor and I used the Project Logical Editor, Macros and anything I could think of. AND IT WORKED !!! It wasn’t pretty and the smell was awful but it worked haha!

I have dreaded this moment thinking it’s just too much to untangle and it’s beyond my capabilities to start over with just the sound sketches and build it back up from scratch.
Now I have all separate ideas in one project above your usual power trio in virtual form plus some orchestral stuff and synthetic backdrop I want to true to form, try out in one humongous … song, or something. :rofl:

I’m not much for being born again stuff haha but it’s a little euphoric to watch the screen for me today! And I know of no other tool that could have untangled that rat nest of a project. Cubase 7.5 I liked a lot while C8 didn’t sit too well for reasons I’ve forgotten about. But from then on there has been some quantum leaps in the development of workflow enhancements and basic DAW functionality and now Cubase is ridiculously powerful!!! At one point when the project was at it longest I checked and it was over an hour long and Cubase plus computer just crushed through it like an icebreaker. All I had to do was steer! :sunglasses: Eventually it won’t be over 10 minutes but it has to be kind of long to cram some stuff I need to show some people all in one CPR project. That’s the way it goes some time.

So it’s been a good day. I won’t complain about nothing today! Thanks for reading. And thanks to Steinberg for making Cubase. Cubase ROXX!