Cubase running automatically at windows 10 reboot

Recently (possibly since update to 12.0.52), Cubase has been launching whenever my windows 10 pc is rebooted. How can I stop this from happening? I don’t imagine it’s a bug in the program and I suspect it is something I have done. Thank you very much for any suggestions

walter henry

This is a Windows setting, see Windows 10 - Automatically Restart Apps on next Start or Reboot - Google Search

Open the Task Manager (right click on Taskbar) and go to the Startup tab and see if Cubase is listed. If so, right click and select Disable

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more likely!

Thank you steve for the (amazingly) fast response. Alas that option is already set to Off (only “Use my sign-info to automatically finish setting up my devices” is On. (I suppose that option could be part of the problem, so I’ll look into that

Thank you SF_Green for the suggestion, but Cubase is not among the startup programs (that was the first thing I checked).