Cubase running on more than one PC

Hi. I have Cubase Pro 11 on a desktop , with of course, a usb licence. I have downloaded another instance of Pro 11 from the ‘Trial’ link, onto my laptop and can use it with the key. Will I continue to be able to do this when the trial period expires? Are there any further steps required?



Why trial? You could use the Download Assistant (Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg) and directly download 11.0.20 on your laptop. (I don’t know if Trial and normal versions differ at this time.)

Since the license is on your usb-stick (e-licenser), once you had Cubase installed, eLicenser Control Center would see that you have a Cubase Pro license on your usb stick and you would be allowed to use the program as usual.

In fact, I wonder if your Cubase Pro trial time is actually counting down if you have a usb e-licenser (complete with a Cubase Pro license) connected?

Thanks. You could be right. There is nothing in the Help/About panel to suggest that this is a trial version, so I will assume it has been validated fully.