Cubase’s 30th anniversary and no update discount?

I love Cubase. There are only 02 things that I don’t like about it:

  • No promos for updates
  • USB dongle

Steinberg, please note that WE OLD CUBASE USERS are the ones who do FREE Marketing for you.
We recommend it for lots of people and believe me when I say that recommendation is the most powerful Marketing out there.
I mean, it costs me €169,50 to crossgrade from another DAW and €99,99 to update from Cubase Pro 9.5 to Cubase Pro 10.
Does it make any sense? I mean, it’s more likely that I buy the crossgrade and end up with 02 Cubase Licenses than buying the update without any discount. I have Studio One Pro and Logic Pro licenses to crossgrade. But you know what, maybe it’s even more likely that I switch to one of these two, cause pricing is much more reasonable.

Please, stop losing your loyal fans. Stop losing the ones who will free market your product. The ones who will make YouTube videos and share pics on Instagram about Cubase.

We love Cubase. We deserve to celebrate the 30th anniversary more than anyone does. Where are our update discounts, Steinberg?

Hi Milori,

There will be a discount offer for Updates and Upgrades too like already mentioned here:


Thanks Jochen!
I’ll wait for that.
Just wanted so badly Cubase 10 right now :stuck_out_tongue:.

Cubase may very well fall foul of Consumer Law re false advertising for failure to spell out the true cost

If you buy Element today and upgrade to Pro tomorrow it will cost £400 rather than £240 if you buy pro version today.

Misleading - what they should do is offer upgrades to everyone for the duration + 1 week after the sale ends

Or say sorry put in big red writing on their front page the true cost pf buying today and then upgrading in the future.

If this goes in the wrong place put it somewhere that Steinberg will take notice.

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