Cubase sale gifts unavailable

I’ve been in touch with Steinberg about this already, but just wanted to share my experiences in case it helps anyone down the line…

I decided to take advantage of the Cubase sale yesterday and upgraded from Pro 11.5 to 12. Today, I checked my promotional vouchers for the third-party software that was included as part of the deal - I managed to get the CS-80 downloaded, but when I went on to the next download the voucher codes had expired - turns out they were only valid until the moment the sale concluded.

If that had been made clear anywhere, I would have grabbed them all last night - but anyone taking advantage of the sale closer to the deadline likely wouldn’t have had a chance at all.

Needless to say, I’m not particularly impressed by this - either make it very clear this is how it works, or more sensibly, ensure the codes work for a least a week after the sale finishes, for anyone jumping in at the end.

Sorry, but this was clearly stated by the sales page.

Indeed, what @Romantique_Tp says is true.

Steinberg staff also posted in the forum Cubase 12 Partner Products (vouchers) have to be registered by October 3, 2022

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I’m not a regular forum user so had no way of seeing that. If it was on the sales page, fair enough, but I didn’t see it (obviously) - regardless, it seems a weird and unfair (to anyone coming in at the end) way to run a promotion.

Here’s an archived version of the sales page, from the first day of the sale:

Ctrl+F “expire”

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Thanks, I’m not denying it - I obviously didn’t scroll down far enough, so missed the disclaimer bit. A reminder to always check the small print…

It would make much more sense, and be fairer, if there was at least a week or so to use the codes, though.

The sale has been going a month so there was a month to redeem them. When I got it I knew I had to redeem them before the end date.

This is an eternal conundrum. Those who find out about a sale (not only from Steinberg) late in the sale period feel they should have some more time due to not finding out about it sooner.

But that’s just the way it goes – the seller sets the dates and announces it. This was an exceptional value, but it won’t be the last promotion the company does.

Participate in the forum, or visit the Steinberg website frequently to catch the promos when they come out. Wily shoppers get great deals.

I’ll close this topic now.

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