Cubase sale! (Just FYI)

I don’t think anyone’s mentioned it here, so I thought I’d draw people’s attention to the fact that Cubase is on sale on the Steinberg website.

“Buy Cubase Artist, get Pro free.”

40% off Crossgrade from Logic or other DAW.

I do love the fact that Steinberg does have regular sales and discounts on their stuff, if you wait for it.


I wonder if dorico 4 will introduce further integration with cubase - in that case it could make sense for me to buy it now when it is on sale.

upgrading from Elements to Artist is tempting at that price. Can anyone say what would likely be the most useful extra features gained for someone like myself who currently prefer to work largely in Dorico. To me the most obvious in unlimited VST tracks as the 24 allowed in Elements is all but useless for full orchestral music. What about the MIDI effects included? I haven’t used Cubase as my main music production tool for a long time so am very far from up to speed with its features.

I don’t have Daniel’s post at hand but did read his comment in recent months that closer integration with Cubase will not be a significant focus of Dorico 4.

That’s correct. We are certainly working towards a tighter integration between Dorico and Cubase, but there will be no specific integration features in the next major Dorico release, though there will definitely be some improvements that make bringing music from Cubase into Dorico more efficient.


I kinda want to cry… :sob:

Oh well, I’ll keep waiting.