Cubase Sample Issue - Fixed Sample rate but samples are still wrong

Recently upgraded to Cubase 12 (from 8) and when i open my old projects they were all sounding high pitched, as well as somee sounding totally out of time.

I read online that i needed to change the sample rate of the project and my Audio interface back to 44.100hz which i have now done. but my samples that have been cut up are now for some reason still out of time, for example i had an voice sample over the top of my track which has now moved, the audio itself in the project hasnt moved but the cut of the sample itself.

Anyone have any idea what the hells going on and if theres a simple fix? really dont want to have to remake all my old tracks

Ps. I’ve redownloaded cubase 8 to see if they work in there still and somehow they have the same issue

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I would create a new project and change the sample rate in the new project to make sure I don’t break my existing project. Audio Device would follow. Then I would open the original project.