Cubase Sampler Track Settings resetting when changing Sample

Hey, I have the issue that every-time I switch to a different Sample (via drag and drop) in the Sampler Track in Cubase 9 all values are reverted to Default (Envelopes, Filters etc.). Is there anyway to disable this? Really don’t see why that would be the wanted functionaltiy :confused: Thanks for the help!


Loading of the sample is like a loading a new instrument. Woukd you really expect to keep the settings?

Yes absolutely, this is also the default behaviour in Simple Samplers of other DAWs (Ableton Live, Bitwig).

As an example, if I have a Sampler Track playing a Synth Bassline I might have “Monophonic” enabled + an Amplitude Envelope that is adjusted to interact well with other Track Elements. Now I want to try a different Bass Note Sample to see how it works with this Envelope + Monophonic Mode… Same goes for Drums.

A large part of what makes the Simpler in Ableton so great is it’s hotswapping mode which allows quickly previewing different samples while keeping the Sampler settings in place.

An option to have the Sampler Track not reset whenever switching a Sample would be great.