@ Cubase/SampleTank users. The new 64 bit ST3 is available!

Aloha guys,

After mucho wait time, it finally arrives.

Grab it here:


FYI… Installed the VST3s and ST3 is working perfectly with CB.

BTW… I was hoping to find some realistic Sax sounds and ST3 has a few pretty good sounding ones.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi Guys,

i´m interested in ST 3 from IK. I own Miroslav Strings, so i could upgrade for 95 Euro. But my always favourite Sampler of course is Kontakt 5, i work a lot with him .What would you guys say, should i buy ST 3 or is Kontakt 5 the better choice and is enough. I always use natural instruments like Rhodes, Strings, Wurli, E-Basses, Guitars, i´m not interested in Synthsounds (for that i have the Arturia Line Up). I´m not sure about ST 3, because Kontakt 5 is a big instrument, so what is the different between them and do i need ST 3 when i have Kontakt 5 ?


Aloha a,

1-Check out the demos on uTube to get a sense of ST3.

2- Get them both. (but if $$ is a prob)

3- If you are happy with your NI stuff the better advice would be to
wait a lil while till IK comes out with a demo/trial/free version
and then you would know for sure with out spending any $$$,

Good Luck!

Hi curteye,

thx for your answer. I listen to some of the Demos on the IK ST 3 Side. They sound good, but they are only Demos. Demos always sounds good. But on the other side, 95 Euros for a big Product like this i think i will do it. For 95 Euros i can´t go wrong.


My 2 cents…

What sounds good to one may not sound that good to another. I will say this about ST3; IMO you get a lot of sounds for the money with ST3. The pre-release order price for me was only $99. That’s pretty good. The orchestral sounds that come with it sound better than what I usually use from Miroslav Philharmonic. Also, the included keyboards also sound better than what I have from IK or NI. I have to use the program a bit more before saying anything else as my first day with it was spent mostly downloading and installing it. That took about 4 hours. No problems, just the expected long first day download times. Again, it seems to run very well with Cubase 7.5.20.

Agreed with that suggestion.

Regards :sunglasses:

Any sax / woodwind / guitar sounds in there at least similar to tyros 3/4/5 ??