Cubase Sampling Help!

Hey! So I really need help here! I have cubase pro 8 and I have gotten into sampling, however, I have trouble with syncing the sample to cubase. I have ableton live lite 9 and its so easy in there. Can someone give me tips on how to make sampling easier in cubase and how to get it to fit the tempo? Please help! Thanks.

Use the media bay or loop browser to drag your samples into the project and activate the sync beats to project button (on the right top of the preview area when you mark a sample file).

Hi so I posted about this a few days ago and I was told to try media bay to sync audio to tempo. There is a song with drums that I wanted to sample just for learning how to sample. I have watched videos on media bay and loop browser and there is a button that syncs the audio to tempo. When I do that and double click the tempo and audio are still off. Please help!

What Do you mean by “tempo and audio are still off”? Did you hear no sound, or are they off beat? If you hear no sound in preview, you maybe have activated the control room in the vst connections without creating a monitor bus there.
If your samples are off beat, they are maybe not cutted correctly, or the bars or the signature is not defined correctly. Your samples have to be cutted in bars and and you have to define the bar count, so that cubase can calculate the correct timing.

I’m assuming you’re working with a drum loop. Loops have to be precisely trimmed and you have to tell Cubase how many bars and beats your loops are (you can do this in the sample editor). Because Cubase is following the non-destructive editing paradigm, you have to use Audio->Bounce Selection after trimming the loop (otherwise Cubase wont be able to tell the proper length of the loop.)

For example, if you have imported a sample of a song which contains a 4-bar loop you’d like to use:

  1. Open the sample in the Sample Editor.
  2. Select and delete everything but the loop you’re interested in.
  3. Select everything (ctrl-a (select all) is probably the easiest way).
  4. Select Bounce Selection from the Audio menu.
  5. Choose Replace Events in the request window that opens.
  6. Set Bars to 4 and Beats to 0.
  7. Enable Musical mode (the little note-symbol to the left of the bars and beats you set before)

This procedure isn’t necessary if your loops have been properly trimmed before use.