Cubase saves new version automatically

Since using Cubase 9, I’ve had this happen quite a lot:

  1. Save project (using Ctrl+S)
  2. Return to project → realize Cubase saved a new Version without prompting/asking me to.

ie. NewSong-04, when I return to project, there’s now NewSong-05 and NewSong-06. Sometimes NewSong-04 will be gone though. Nice, huh?

You might say “better than not saving at all”. But, I like to organize by numbers. I just need to be able to decide how and by what name my project is saved. Especially when I work with other people (90% of the time).

I’ll make a support request once again. Let’s see if anybody cares this time…

Are you talking about .cpr files or .bak files?

Cubase has no way to execute “Save New Version” on its own. Do you have a macro program running, or have you inadvertently assigned a key command to it?

thanks Steve, good points…

definitely .cpr files. I’d post a screenshot, though that wouldn’t help much :slight_smile:

Indeed, I have a key command for “Save new version”. But I’m usually alert before pressing “Save New Version”, as I’m aware of what it does.
Let me turn off the key command, maybe I’m hitting it by accident…

So now I disabled the key command, and I’m shure things are better, but Cubase will still save new versions without asking me. Not always, though.
I’m certain there’s some logic behind it, but it’s still very odd.

I’m glad things get saved, and I also use the date as a reference anyway. Still, it’s something to look into.

Anyone experience this?

Well, it’s doubtful that Cubase has grown a will of its own. But if it has, you should probably unplug your computer.

Ok now I did a complete reinstall of C9, deleted old prefs etc… and it still happens. Now at least I can say it will save a new version everytime I hit Ctrl+S.
A friend pointed out that I use an Apple USB Keyboard. I never thought of this, as I never had problems with this keyboard on windows. I’ll try a standard PC keyboard and see what happens.
Although, even if this was the root of the problem: why do I not get feedback for saving a new version? Usually Cubase will confirm the new name of the .cpr file in the top of the Project window.

I use a mac keyboard with PC, there’s nothing special about it.

Are you saying it does not update the filename in the titlebar of the Project Window? If that’s the case it is not saving a new version.

Is it possible you have filename extensions turned off and it actually is a .bak file being saved?

Have you turned off Autosave to check this?

Odd issue. It’s been a while since I’ve gone Prefs spelunking, but is it possible there’s a Cubase pref set to save versions in that manner?

I’m afraid not. Got a response from Support now. But they suggested the same as Steve (delete the “Save new Version” KeyCommand), which didn’t help, sadly.
This happens inside C8.5 and C9. My guess is that somehow “Save” gets mixed up with “Autosave”. Might be the project. I always start with a template session, then use “backup project”…

I’m starting to think something is wrong with my win10 installation.
I might take a day to set up system from scratch… too many weird things going on now.

Did you check on these things I asked about?

  • Are you saying it does not update the filename in the titlebar of the Project Window?

  • Is it possible you have filename extensions turned off in Windows File Explorer and it actually is a .bak file being saved?

  • What are your Auotsave settings?

Checked all of that: cubase does not update name in project. I have file extensions on in file explorer.
Autosave set to 10 mins, 10 backup files. Those work fine mostly.

So, since the Cubase project name is not updated in the title bar, the project you are working in is not a new version. If this involved the command “Save New Version” the title bar would reflect that.

So somehow files are being copied in the project folder, then named incrementally.

Please upload a pic of the entire contents of that folder with the “file created date” and “file modified date” columns visible, as well as the filenames with extensions.

edit: wait a sec, in your first post you said project name did change the project name in the title bar. Can you clarify?

Hey Steve, thanks for not giving up on me :slight_smile:

yeah, sorry it’s a bit confusing.

  • When I’m working on a project for a few hours, I hit save a couple of times (only ctrl+S) → project name always stays the same in project window. But Cubase makes a few of these Saves into a new version (see pic).

    I was working on this project for one day. you can see the backup files are all there, but there is also 4 new .cpr files, that I didn’t actively create. I only created “TT Iggy Music.cpr”

So this is not a huge deal in my workflow, but it gets confusing when keeping track of the versions with the clients, when I have to remember that, for example, their verison -05 is my version -12.

Are your projects located inside a Cloud Backup folder?
The same thing happens to me as well since I began to use Dropbox.

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That does not look like an ordinary Explorer Window, like profezeus implied… The utility that is syncing the files is the culprit, most likely.

Maybe Cubase thinks the file is in use or something? I used to use older Cubase versions with Dropbox without noticing problems.

of course! that must be it!
I’ve been working inside Dropbox folders for at least 3 years.
Never had issues with either Pro Tools or Cubase on OSX.

Kind of a bummer. I don’t wanna go back to syncing manually or turning dropbox on/off…

Anyway, thanks for the help

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