Cubase saving project in wrong location

I’m brand new to Cubase 13.

In Cubase 13, menu:
Project>Project Setting>Project Location

I have it set to save my project in a specific folder on my hard drive.

Everytime I go to save the project it creates (2) folders (one is labelled “audio” and the other is labeled “images”.

Is this normal???

  1. Instead of placing the folders inside the folder I specified under “Project>Project Setting>Project Location”
    Cubase keeps place the audio and image folder onto the Mac desktop.

How can fix this so that the project files are saved in the project location that I specify???

By using the File > Back up Project command.

Create a new folder, keep the default settings in the Back up project window as they are and everything should be set correctly in the chosen folder.

I always create a new folder for each project I start in the location I want it. Then I start a new project and select that folder.

Tried the above suggestions, but had no luck with those.

To fix the problem, I had to create a brand new project and drag the audio files into the new project and save.

Thanks guys for your tips.