Cubase "saving" weirdness

Apologies in advance this is a mind f++k
So I’m running pro 12 on my laptop and my pc(win)
I have Dropbox installed on both machines and my audio folder( with it’s subfolders) are in drop box and synced across the 2 machines.
All is working as expected but recently noticed a strange file naming issue within cubase.
So I’ve tried lots of variations to recreate the issue and so far I’m finding this.
If I create a project on machine 1 its relevant files are synced with machine 2 .
All is good when working on machine 1 and file names and structures are as expected.
Same goes for machine 2 when I open the project (created on machine 1) all is good and everything as expected.
Just to point out. I’m always just opening cubase and the project on one machine at a time.
I understand having both projects open at the same time (on different machines)would no doubt cause conflicts etc.
Now the issue happens when i go back to machine 1 and save project as a new version, ending up with a ‘project name’ file and a ‘project name -01’ file within the project folder.
These 2 files then being synced across the two machines
If I close machine 1
Open machine 2 and open either of these project versions it opens as expected …but…
when I hit save… it saves the file with a number at the end as though I’m asking to save it as a new version…?
It seems to create a new version with whatever number is free…so in this example if I had opened ‘project name’ it would save as ‘project name -02’ and also deletes the ‘project name’ file…
I know… I’m confused writing this never mind understanding it…
Basically on the machine that didn’t create the project it saves the opened project/file as a new version deleting the original version…
I think doing the same process on the original machine(the one that created the project) doesn’t seem to evoke this file renaming issue…
It obviously becomes an even bigger issue if your saving multiple new versions (on purpose)on either machine because its taking up the number prefix which causes multiple new versions to be created within the folder and versions being deleted…?
Sorry if this is confusing it’s frying my brain also…
I’m hoping someone knows exactly what I’m on about and maybe it’s a Dropbox issue?
I’ll continue trying different combinations and see if I can make a clearer breakdown.
Thx in advance.

My own opinion is that it’s not even worth troubleshooting because the method Dropbox uses is wrong for this. I don’t use it much, but based on what I’ve read here, it’s a rather blunt tool.

I would try a different product. I use and have never experienced issues such as you describe. This service also does versioning and provides archives that enable retrieval of deleted files.

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Yeah I’ve just ran a few different scenarios now and the issues are happening even before you save a new version…
I think the problem might be having Dropbox syncing in the background when cubase is open…
I don’t usually do that and maybe that’s why I’ve never noticed it before…having kept Windows explorer open whilst I’m opening cubase I think what is happening is cubase or Dropbox must make a temporary file when y a project ’ is live’
automatically syncing this temporary file which must cause conflicts…
Will pause Dropbox when working on stuff in future see if that stops the issue.