cubase says my Mac High Sierra is not ok

i have Mac high Sierra 10.13.3
When I want to reinstall cubase 7.5 it says I need at least High Sierra 6. Suggesting I don’t have that, hence it doesn’t install.
Does anybody know how this is possible?

How is what posiible? Cubase 7.5 is not compatible with Mac OS 10.13.3.

Try the Steinberg Installation Helper:

Note that running Cubase 7.5 on High Sierra is not supported, and you might run into a few issues thanks to the changes made by Apple.

I strongly recommend upgrading to Cubase 9.5. It has much better CPU and graphics performance than Cubase 7.5, on top of having various workflow improvements.

I am running Cubase 6.0 on High Sierra. My main issue is that the Activity Monitor is showing between 50 -100% CPU for cubase when on Yosemite it was showing a third of that. If the mac gets too hot, Cubase crashes. The fan is also more annoying on High Sierra.

I guess that Cubase 7.5 could be a bit like Cubase 6.0 on High Sierra.