Cubase scale assistant snap live input suggestion

The snap live input feature in cubase is great except that for some selected scales, the snaped live notes are repeated and some notes in the selected scale are skipped. The point of this feature should be mapping say first note in a scale i play (say cmajor ) to the first note in a scale i select. In numerical order note 1 = note 1, note 2= note e.t.c.

I’m unable to use this feature because the repeated notes throws me off. I tried making this feature in project input transformer but some scales require me to use all four modules to achieve the whole feature and having to save each individual module as a preset and calling them back every time is hectic. I would nice to have a save preset feature that recalls all the modules used. See attached screenshot

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I solution will be to allow to choose an action for a number of event targets per module, instead of the action being applied to all the event targets in that module