Cubase Scanning Plugins I Demoed

Can someone tell me how to stop Cubase from scanning for Waves plugins that I only demoed?

uninstall them or “uncheck” them in plugin manager

so where in this new fancy plug in manager can I uncheck a plugin?
I´d also like to remove some waves demos + some steinberg plugins that I never use

I am not sure Cubase won’t install all the plugs you have even if you use the Plug-In Manager.

I believe you need to remove them or place them in a folder that Cubase will not read at startup.

I could be wrong however.

I am curious why this is an issue for you?

That info would be in the OPs manual somewhere in the 600-700 page range - perhaps the index could narrow that down for you. :wink:

You need to go to the VST Plugins folder and trash or delete the waves waveshell VST plugin

that will delete ALL your waves plugins (demo and purchased) just uncheck them so they arent loaded/visible in the plugin manager. or uninstall them with the waves installer.

If he needs to just delete ones he demoed, he can go to the waves folder in the plugins folder on the HD and trash those. This is assuming he has purchased other waves plugins he wants to keep

But Waves uses a single file for all plugins. I think the best way is to run Waves installer again and uninstall the demos.

Sounds good

How do i only keep steinberg plugins in cubase pro 9 … like eq reverb delays that work and get rid of waves demos plugins ???

Windows 7
Cubase pro 9