Cubase scans through all of my drives before every startup

All of my plugins are in a subfolder in my E drive (E>Plugins), however, whenever I start Cubase, it scans through my entire E drive (as well as all of my other drives), and not just that subfolder. This is an issue because whenever I install any sort of program on my computer, Cubase will take hours, sometimes days, scanning through the drives. I went into Plugin Options and removed the E:// drive as a plugin path - however, upon restarting Cubase, it simply scanned through the E drive once again and re-added it to the plugin path list. I’ve reinstalled Cubase in different locations but it’s the same every time.

Windows 10, Cubase 9.

Hi and welcome,

Are you sure Cubase didn’t crash after you made the change in the Plug-in Options? Did you double-chceck the settings after reopening Cubase? Is E drive still listed in the Plug-in Manager > Plug-in Path Settings?

Yes, Cubase didn’t crash after I made the change. When I relaunched Cubase, it still proceeded to scan through my E drive, and when I checked Plugin Options again, the E drive was once again listed as a plugin path though I had removed it previously. I tried removing it again two more times but it was always the same result when I relaunched Cubase - it would scan through my E drive and re-list the E drive as a valid plugin path.


Could you (backup first) trash your Cubase preferences?