Cubase score 3.5 song load in cubase AI 7 ?

I have a song and AIFF files on an old Mac made In cubase score 3.5 but how can i load that song With my AIFF files In The cubase AI 7 on my iMac ?

Cubase AI7 would not be able to import a Cubase Score 3.5 project.

The last version that could import .all files was Cubase SX3, however, that was intended to import projects from Cubase VST 5. The best scenario would probably be to open the project in VST 5, then SX3, then Cubase Pro 8.

Okay thanks Chris so I have to purchase 3 more programs, VST 5, then SX3, then Cubase Pro 8 is that the only way?

Just came to think of that will VST 5 and SX3 run on a Imac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2? I expect Cubase pro 8 will be able to. Also do you have any safe methods to get VST 5, then SX3, so I dont get my imac infected with vira from obscure download places?

Thanks for helping me out here Chris :slight_smile:

It is indeed such hard work to find the programs to get my darling songs out of my old power macintosh and if I follow the idea to start with VST 5 and SX3 to finish in the latest cubase 8 (which I must buy if this process succeeds,what do I use as license keys?

No, if you buy Cubase Pro 8 that gives you a license for SX3 and VST5, you’d just have to d/l ( for free ) VST5 & SX3.

I’m on PC but I see VST5 and SX3 are available for the Mac.

I will surely buy cubase pro 8 for my imac but i still have the problem of converting my vest 3.5.5 songs out of the old mac. Since the computer is from 1996 there is no USB for dongles, there is only acces via 3.5 floppy disk and CD. So license for that mac hm? Helge tells me that a way is to save the songs in vst 5, then SX3 and then save the whole lot to CD and import in cubase pro 8 on my imac.

My best suggestion for a machine attempting to run both VST 5 and SX3 would be to XP.