Cubase Score crashes

I’ve been using Cubase for about a year now, moving from Pro Tools and Logic. I find Cubase amazing for mixing and very stable. However, I’ve just started preparing some lead sheets in the score editor (which I’ve not used up till now) and it’s crashing regularly. Generally it crashes when I’m adding text in the form of chords (the C7 button in the inspector on the left). I’m not using it to figure out the chords, I’m just writing them in. As I start to edit the chords and drag them to position them, it inevitably crashes sooner or later. Any ideas how Cubase can be so stable mixing day in and day out in a busy studio but crash as soon as I use the score editor?

Cubase v 11.0.41
Mac OS 10.15.7
iMac 3.6 GHz 10 core i9, 64 gig ram.

There are some possibilities depending on elements that are in the score, such as multi-measure rests, and maybe other things I cannot recall. @Maestro might though.

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Yes some bugs leading the Score Editor to crash have been fixed in Cubase 12. One way to find out what’s wrong in your score is to provide an unstable project file so as we can take a look.

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There are all kinds of problem around the chord text tool and I’m wondering if this is related to the issue.

  1. It doesn’t always remember where I’ve placed the chords on the score when I re-open a project.
  2. It doesn’t remember the print settings either or it randomly does or doesn’t.
  3. If I copy a midi part to another track when I open it in the score editor, it doesn’t remember any of the settings I’ve made.
  4. If I open more than one instrument in the score editor at the same time and there are chords written into one of those parts, they end up all over the place. It doesn’t seem to remember that they are attached to one particular instrument in that context.
  5. I can’t copy and paste chords or any other text reliably between instruments (when I open them one at a time). It sometimes works and sometimes only pastes part of what I’ve copied.
  6. When I select a the f a chord symbol I’ve already written into the score, the chord symbol editor often doesn’t show the chord I’ve selected. So if I just want to make a small change, I have to put the whole chord in from scratch.
  7. The chord symbol editor often wont accept text input for the root note or bass note. When I type something in it just returns to C or A. So I have to manually click through every note using the tiny arrow keys to find the right note.

So it’s pretty fiddly and buggy, in particular the chord symbols. I don’t use chord tracks as they don’t allow the use of common jazz chords or specific (often very important) spellings of chords. So I need to write them in using the chord symbol editor.

Does anyone happy to know if version 12 has fixed any of these issues?

Having said all this, Logic’s score editor in much worse than this. If I could tell you the hours of frustration I’ve spent with Logic trying to get basic jazz lead sheet to look readable! So Cubase is a big improvement over that. At least you can get things looking right eventually. :slightly_smiling_face: