Cubase Score Editor - Crash


I want to report an issue about scoring in Cubase Pro 11.
It is hard to describe step by step so please take a look to the crash-log file.
All I can describe here is, I was trying to use some simple editing tool to modify the scoring.
Then Cubase crashed. Sometimes I was preparing to print the score sheet, I clicked the tab “File”, and Cubase crashed.

Below is the drive link to the latest crash log file.

An additional information: When I re-opened the project, a strange and very loud noise appeared from Maschine VSti Output (around +100Db as it showed in Cubase 's Mixer). The noise stopped when I hit space bar. (I used a Maschine midi track for this project)

Thank you so much and wish Steinberg’s team great and safe new year’s holiday.

Le Thanh Tam.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Hi @wanabeme308,

Unfortunately, the *.crash file doesn’t point to anything really specific. Is it reproducible on your side or did it happened only once?

If it’s reproducible (from your description, I have understood it’s not), could you describe in the step by step manner, please?

Thank you

Hi Martin,

It happen many times, during working on score editing.

It just happened suddenly, and while working I also met many other small issues those are hard to describe step by step, although I know this is the best way for you to help.

The most often crashing time is: after I tried to edit drum score, then go to file->print, Cubase crashed. Re-start Cubase and do it again, it works.

I attach below again the newest crashlog, and a video shows some strange things appear on the ruler screen of the scoring window. Hope it can help this time.
I feel the scoring window in Cubase pro 11 is still unstable, compare with 10.5.

I forgot to list my system:
Mac Pro thrash can 2013 - Mac OS Catalina.
RME Fireface 800.
Cubase Pro 11.
All softwares are legal and up-to-date.

Thank you and Regards,

Le Thanh Tam.


Thank you very much for your patience and for more details.

The white-lines on the rulers has nothing to do with the crashes. It’s a known issue at all systems since Cubase 10, as far as I remember.