Cubase Score - how to notate an octave lower?

I am working on a score for piano, and have one note that’s an octave lower than the staff. I can’t figure out how to display it correctly – ie. one octave higher in the score, and a note above it that indicates it needs to be played an octave lower. I have been reading the manual and it does certainly refer to the symbol 8vb but doesn’t tell you how to do it.


In the Score editor open Line/Trill tab. If this tab is not shown in the Inspector, right-click to the Inspector and enable the option. Click to the 8va symbol in the Inspector, and then click to the Score, where do you want to add the symbol. Adjust the line, as you need to.

If you would move the 8va symbol above the lines, then it becomes 8va, if you put the symbol bellow, then it becomes 8vb.
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.01.36.png

Ok thanks, finally the score looks right. Much appreciated, Martin!