Cubase score problems

I have been attempting to work with Cubase score and having worked with Logic Alpha notator 30 or so years ago I was expecting a similar experience. How wrong I was as it was a horrible experience. Logic was so intuitive whereas Cubase score is not. Things can go wrong without any reason it would seem. I may be alone but having produced whole manuscripts for shows like Chicago and Little shop of horrors I am finding glitches all over the place. Is this why a separate scoring package had to be produced?

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Do you have any specific issues, we can help you with, please?

Thank you for replying. My project drifts out of time. Is this my computer causing the issue or is it being connected to the web or a combination of reasons?


Sorry, I don’t understand this issue. Could you be more specific, please?

I play a file and it gets out of time with the score. I have altered numerous settings on the computer system and it seems to have solved the problem. The main issue I have is the complexity of the Cubase scoring system. It can do marvels but it can trip up the user. I also find it very hard to find tutorials that set one off on a course of logical progress. It is a process of picking out nuggets of information from within lengthy videos often devoid of any editing to avoid overly long dialogue. Thank you for taking the trouble to contact me.

The Score Editor is by design one of the most intuitive notation program in the market in my opinion (Overture being another one). It’s all a matter of practicing and learning how things work.
By the way, I’ve never heard about “Logic Alpha Notator”. Do you have a link?
But you are right, there are not many tutorials online.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in this forum.

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