CUBASE Score Triplet

Can anybody explain why this happens? All quantize is set to quaver triplets, but when you delete a note, the 2nd image happens…
CUBASE 10. Mac Pro

Thank you!

What does the relevant position look like in the key editor? (Note events and grid/ruler)?

I tested it briefly in C12pro (WIN10), everything works as it should.

It is perfectly quantized. I have the midi editor open next to it and all note values and positions are exact.

In your triplet example where you have deleted the note in the middle, just select the two remaining notes and apply Tuplets function (again) with the following settings:
Type: 3
Over: 1/4 (or 2/8)

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I was able to reproduce the problem.
For me this happens when the MIDI events were originally in the 16th pitch and are then quantized as triplets.

Initial situation:


After calling the quantization as triplets it looks like this:


Unfortunately you can’t fix the problem by freezing the quantization of the notes, which I see as a bug.

@Maestro In my opinion this is a bug in Cubase.
If “auto quantization” is set in the settings
and the notes in the key editor are clearly quantized as triplets, even frozen,
then manual tuplet formation should not be necessary.
Or is there a technical reason why Cubase reacts differently than expected?