Cubase Score versus Dorico?

I have not used Cubase score for a while. I found it a capable program. Now Dorico is out and I guess its probably better. Can I ask this forum what are peoples opinions of Cubase score versus Dorico - are they similar or completely different to use? What are the limitations? Wil there be a “Dorico lite” version packaged with Cubase? Will they be merging? Anything else I should realise?

thank you


Dorico has much more functionality and is a far superior scoring product. Unfortunately it is sold as a completely separate product which requires its own sound libraries, separate asio instance etc. It is beyond me how Steinberg can compete with itself. In the same way there is a halion sonic se version and a full version, there should be a notation function and an option to upgrade to a dorico plugin within the cubase program which uses cubase vst and audio.

100% AGREE!!