Cubase Score

Hi All,
I had painstakingly written lyrics to a music score. When I went to print, it changed to page mode which effectively screwed up the relation between the lyrics and the notation. Even after going back in the history mode to a point before this happened, the problem persisted. It seems that the text has no relation to the page so if anything changes, everything is out of sync.
My questions are:

  1. Is there any way to restore my original layout or am I starting from scratch again?

  2. Should I have written these lyrics in the page mode to begin with if I had intended to print it?

I used the text mode to type the lyrics in. Should I have used another mode?

Thanks for your thoughts.


Yup, sounds like you did use the wrong method. If you are just putting regular text on the page all sorts of stuff can happen that is lyric unfriendly. There is a specific type of text called Lyrics that attaches the text to a specific note in your Score. So as you format the page & layout the lyrics follow their notes around on the page.

While you can add lyrics note by note in the Score Editor that gets tedious fast. The easier way is to use Score Settings… Text tab. First put your lyrics in the Text field. Make sure to break them apart as syllables like this:

Hap- py Birth- day to you
Hap- py Birth- day to you

I usually do this syllable breakdown in Word where it is a bit easier to do. Then in Settings select the text that you want to insert as lyrics (yeah I mean select just like you’d do to copy it). Then in the Score Editor select the Note that corresponds to the first selected syllable. Hit the Insert Lyrics button. This will attach each selected syllable to the next note.

I recommend, especially at first, to do this a few lines at a time instead all the lyrics at once. This is because it is fairly easy to incorrectly break a word into multiple syllables. For example in the above if I’d missed breaking a “Happy” into “Hap- py” then the following 'Birth-" would be on the Note that rightfully belongs to “py”. These errors are much easier to spot working in chunks. Where if you do all the lyrics at once and find that the last 3 notes are missing lyrics it is much harder to find when you have to search the whole thing.

Thanks again Rodger! To my rescue once again. :slight_smile: