Cubase screen moovinc

I had a problem in Cubase 11 Pro with Native Instruments and although I have already solved it, now the screen moves in sync with time, something that it did not do before, can someone help me

Would you be able to post a video of what that looks like?
(OBS Studio is a great and free tool that can make screen recordings. Works on both Win and Mac.)

I have created a very short video with OBS Studio, barely 4 seconds, but still in the forum they tell me that I cannot upload it because it can be more than 4 MB, what can I do?

Does it look something like this?

yes, correct, this is the problem and it’s driving me crazy, it doesn’t let me work in peace. Everything comes from a Kontakt problem, Native Instruments started crashing Cubase, Steinberg has fixed it for me but I can’t use all the Native Instruments utilities and I can’t find a way to contact them. The fact is that since then the tracks slide to the measure.I apologize for my clumsy English

yes sir, I just found the solution to the problem, I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain myself well in English, in the upper part just to the right of the automation panel, there is a little arrow and next to it a triangle with the vertex down, it has to be selected page scroll and !voila!

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