Cubase scripting

I need some help to figure out how to automate some Cubase tasks.

I want to automate the following steps:

  1. Create Cubase project
  2. Load MIDI file into the project
  3. For each track in the MIDI file, associate the track with a rack instrument. For example, MIDI track 2 might be for flutes, track 3 for piano, track 4 for violas, et cetera.
  4. Perform mixdown to output MP3 file
  5. Save the Cubase project

I would provide an ASCII text file containing configuration information such as names of files, what rack instrument is intended for each MIDI track, et cetera.

I am aware Cubase has some keystroke macros, but what I need to do seems to be beyond the capabilities of the Cubase keystroke macros.

I would be happy to pay someone if necessary to learn how to do this.

My google fu tells me this gets asked for every few days, and Steinberg won’t do it.

I am wondering why. Maybe because some of the “advanced” features in Pro could be replicated in scripting, causing them to Lose Revenue.

Of course, if people just moved to OH say Reaper or StudioOne, they would lose even more revenue. So you know, whatever.


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Yeah, that’s exactly what must be going on. :unamused: :laughing: :unamused:

Either that or Cubase doesn’t have a scripting language because it is legacy code built upon more layers of revised and not revised legacy code that makes retrofitting a scripting language onto it near to impossible.

To the OP:
Yeah Cubase is not even close to doing what you want as macros can only execute Cubase Commands, and Logical Editor Presets. Big problem is you generally can’t enter text (i.e. a filename) and setting focus on different windows and fields ranges from kinda-maybe to no-way.

You might want to take a look at AutoHotkey which a lot of folks use to help on this front (I am not among them yet)

What are you trying to accomplish doing the steps you outlined? Maybe there’s another way to get there.

Reaper is great for this. Me, I dont care to have more complexity in Cubase and I dont want to write scripts all the time, Reaper is made for this