Cubase Scripts?

Is there a way to create scripts that perform certain actions in Cubase? If so, where or how - do you run such scripts in Cubase?

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No, sadly there isn’t. It’s been a long-standing feature request here. There is only the old macro system and the logical editors, you can do a lot with those, but it’s no replacement for an embedded scripting language of course.
Some people on windows use AutoHotkey for additional automation.


Ahh, that’s a shame.

Be pretty neat to turn some of the more complicated PLE commands into scripts that could be edited easily to suit. Guess I’ll have to stick with the PLE for now!

Metagrid also expands the capabilities of Macros because it lets you pass text/numbers into Macros.

For example in ‘native’ Cubase I can have a Key Command to go to Marker 8, but not Marker 16. The closest I can get is to go to Marker X which will prompt me for the number. But Metagrid can fill in the number 16 for me.

Metagrid does look rather nice, been using a Stream Deck with the Cubase Extension thus far - good for a mix of software.

This fact totally blows my mind. Adobe’s Audition had scripting when I began using it back in 2012. Reaper is pretty much one big script and has a HUGE community of dedicated users that create some of the most useful and creative functionality imaginable.

Yes, that is one of the problems with the macros that you can’t pass parameters (or do any kind of loops or flow control).
Metagrid seems nice, but for me, anything that forces me to move away from keyboard or mouse is a distraction and slows me down, but maybe it’s just a case of getting used to and keeping at it until it’s in your muscle memory…
Still, I’d like to have a proper scripting language in Cubase. I’d even take Javascript/EcmaScript, if necessary…


Couldn’t agree more. I still have my fingers crossed that the MIDI API can be used as such. Just the prospect of being able to hide all tracks where the track name starts with “xyz” without having to first select the tracks would be game changing for anyone that works with large track counts.

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For mac check out Soundflow. I haven’t used it but @saxmand is a soundflow jedi


You can use the MIDI Remote. With Cubase 13, there is the idle function, which helps. By one MIDI trigger, you can trigger multiple Cubasr commands.

That sounds awesome @Martin.Jirsak .
Do you have any example code?