Cubase SE1 - Damaged Disk

Although I have recently upgraded from the above to Cubase 5 Essential, and then on to Cubase Artist 6, I would still like to be able to work on a lot of my old files on Cubase SE1.

My old computer crashed in December of last year, and I was forced to reinstall all of my software on to my new computer that I bought in January. Unfortunately, the disk doesn’t seem to work anymore and I cannot find the activation code anywhere (believe me, I’ve searched everywhere).

Because there is an enormous learning curve on Artist 6, and because Essential 5 has many fundamental operation differences from SE1, I would like to be able to access SE1 for quick compositions and alterations to all the files that I composed with it.

Is it possible, bearing in mind that I have already authorised and registered the product, that I may be able to download it from somewhere? If so, I would be eternally grateful.

Many thanks,


CE5 allows you to run SE3 which can be had via the Sticky at the top of the forum. You’d have to contact support for the SE1 issue.