Cubase SE1 - Won't accept original serial no.

Dear Sir,

Thank you kindly for sending me a replacement disc for the above programme. As you are now probably aware, SE1 is my favourite sequencer for many reasons, the main one being that I have been using it ever since it was released, and I’m very comfortable with it.

The package arrived today. Unfortunately, when asking for my name and serial no, it rejected it. This was the number that I have registered on this website, so it can’t be wrong (I don’t have the box anymore, unfortunately). I also tried various combinations of my name (Simon Godden AND alphabetgreen).

Is there a reason for this. If so, could you possibly supply with a new number, so that I can install it and return to my work?

Thank you,


Hi Simon,

I am not quite sure whether you are posting this in the right place… this is a steinberg User Forum, so i answer also as a user

I rather suggest you to contact the CustomerService Center as suggested in this thread: