Cubase SE3 and XP64

Alright everyone, I did my homework and I can’t find much. I tried searching everywhere for a resolution to my problem.

I d/l the latest driver for the elicense and it installed just fine.

However, when I went to install Cubase SE3 I keep getting a message that there are already processes which are disturbing the installation - restart the computer and try again. No matter what I do it keeps happening. The dongle is not plugged in.

Not sure what else to do to make it work. Any suggestions or counsel would be appreciated.

OK. For anyone wanting to know about Cubase 3, I figured it out.

You must do a complete install but Cubase 3 won’t run in XP64 due to the old E-license software. So after installation is complete, install the latest Cubase 3 update. Next remove the E-license program from XP64 then install the latest version E-license.

That about does it.