Cubase second pair of fader? (Trim)

I want to automate all my faders during composing and producing. After I’m done, I want to switch the faders to “Trim-Mode”. In ProTools, this function does give me a second pair of faders overlaying the old faders, which I can move, automate or do whatever I did with the first pair.

As far as I understand, the Trim mode only lets me overwrite (adding or subtracting) the automation of the first fader. But it always jumps back to 0 as soon as I release it. Let’s say I automated the synthbass beautifully, but later, I realize the synth is +3db too loud. I don’t want to change the Inputgain which affects the volume the plugins are hit. I also don’t want to create a VCA, cause they’re reserved for groupings. I also don’t want to use single Faderplugins, because I will lose the overview.

Is there any possibility too change the trim-fader behaviour to achieve this basic ProTools feauture?


It does Trim to the End. You are right, once you release the fader, the fader itself jumps back to the middle position, but the original curve has been processed until its end by the last value.