Cubase set default midi inserts for new midi or instrument tracks

I would like to be able to have midi inserts already prepared each time a new midi or instrument track is created.
Is there a way to set defaults like this for new midi or instrument tracks?

You can create Track Presets to do that.

that covers too many track parameters, so when you go to apply the track preset it will change the entire track, not just load the midi inserts.

I can see from this old thread that it might not be possible with instrument tracks anyway:
MIDI insert saving preset - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

But if you are using the Preset to create a new Track, as in your original question, rather than applying it to an existing Track, how would that damage anything?

So, basically you are looking for this button but on MIDI Inserts. It is not there. There is no way.
Track Presets or manual loading is what Cubase offers in this area.



This is true.